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7 Tips to Find Your Own Tribe


8 Tips to Find Your Own Tribe


Want to feel happier, with a greater sense of connection and belonging? Join the club.
Find Your Tribe

Main photograph by ©Andrew Weeks. Other photographs © Bill Smotrilla, Jennifer Ramos, Dudley Flores and Margo Moritz.

Find Your Tribe


Meet three people who followed their passion, found a community, and discovered a radical kind of well-being.
6 Steps to Mindfulness Meditation


6 Steps to Mindfulness Meditation


Try these simple steps to use mindfulness meditation as a means to reduce stress and increase well-being.
Is Facebook making us depressed?

Is Facebook Making Us Depressed?

News & Trends

Shocking new study states that comparing yourself to friends on Facebook and other social media may cause depression—or at least "vacation envy." The...
3 Easy Steps to Healthier Eating


3 Easy Steps to Healthier Eating


We know we should eat whole grains, lean protein, and lots of fruits and vegetables, but that's easier said than done. Instead of making huge steps,...
Beautiful pizza

Why Pizza Makes Us Happy


We caught up with pizza expert and author Peter Reinhart to ask him a few questions about America's favorite food.
A Happiness Backlash?

A Happiness Backlash?

Is happiness overrated? It depends how you interpret the word and the sentiments behind it.

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