Best friends embracing

The Friendship Prescription


Though we often take it lightly, friendship is absolutely essential to our happiness.
Actress Jillian Rose Reed

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Jillian Rose Reed Is Happily Connected


Jillian Rose Reed, star of the MTV hit show Awkward, makes her social life a top priority for happiness.
Laurel and Hardy

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Greatest BFFs of All Time


From Laverne and Shirley to The Blues Brothers , we’ve always loved to watch best friends fight, make up and yuck it up on screen.
A bunch of friends hanging out.

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Friends With Benefits

Maintaining close friendships and positive relationships is a cornerstone of our well-being.
Wealthy women out shopping

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Money Can't Buy You Love


Do you have fairweather friends? These tips will help you figure out which friendships are firm and which are just fleeting.
Best friends embracing

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31 Days of Friendship


We continue our Year of Happiness with 31 days of friendship. Pick and choose your favorite ideas from our list of things to do, watch, read,...
Flowers of Compassion

Illustrations by Susy Pilgrim Waters for Live Happy

3 Crucial Building Blocks of Compassion


Compassion is innate in all of us, but we can also cultivate it with these simple strategies.

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