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Two Books Teach Teens to Be Happier, More Resilient


Two recent workbooks make positive psychology accessible for teens--perhaps the people who need it most.
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Do You Have Enough Grit?


Caroline Adams Miller's new book, Getting Grit, is about passion, perseverance and facing adversity to reach your true potential.
Dean Karnazes running an ultramarathon.
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Dean Karnazes Goes the Extra Mile


Endurance runner Dean Karnazes may be the ultimate marathon man.
Face down any challenge

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Face Down Any Challenge With This Advice

Positive Psychology

Happiness experts Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan explain how to address a challenge head-on with three basic strategies.
Rio Olympics 2016

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At Rio Olympics, Athletes Go Beyond the Gold


For some Olympic athletes, the feeling of elation and accomplishment that comes with competing can be as rewarding as winning a medal.
Coxless Crew Rowing the Pacific

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Rowing the Pacific


Six amazing women. One pink boat. One ferocious ocean.
Grit book by Angela Duckworth

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance


Whether you want to become the boss, run a marathon or become a chess grandmaster, grit, passion and perseverance—not innate talent—will make the...
5 Traits of Resilient Moms

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5 Traits of Resilient Moms


Parenting can be tough, but these five important attributes will help you bounce back from life's travails.
Never Second-Guess Yourself Again


Never Second-Guess Yourself Again


Accept your strength, build confidence and stop doubting your decisions! Our experts show you how.

90 Days to Breakthrough Success

How do you ensure that you stay focused, motivated and optimistic? Set the scene for success.


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