Jamie Bechtold with gongs
Photograph of Jamie Bechtold by Keaton Koechli

Sound Baths Offer a Concert for the Soul


In sound baths, Chinese gongs and Tibetan bowls provide soothing sounds and vibrations as a medium for meditation and mindfulness.
Man meditating on a mountain.
Top photo: Boiarkina Marina/ Bottom photo of Jack Kornfield by Deborah Jaffe.

Jack Kornfield Finds Freedom in the Moment


Best-selling author explains why we need to focus on the present today more than ever.
Man practicing qi gong outdoors.

Try Qi Gong to Discover Your Peaceful Center


Discover qi gong, an ancient Chinese meditation practice that combines movement and breathing to cultivate your flow of energy and boost your well-...
Woman meditating by a lake.
Alex Valent/

The Real Meditation Is Every Moment


Mind-body expert Jon Kabat-Zinn explains how focusing on the present can become 'a love affair with your life.'
Hands of women meditating.

The Benefits of Compassion Meditation


Compassion meditation, which focuses on empathy and kindness, could improve our sense of connectedness and even resolve interpersonal conflict.
Try visioning to access your higher self in this powerful meditation.


7 Steps to Unlock Your True Potential


Try visioning to access your higher self in this powerful meditation.
Leaders Make Moves Toward Mindfulness

Leaders Make Moves Toward Mindfulness

Business and government leaders gathered recently for the Mindful Leadership Summit to focus on the latest mindfulness practices and how they can be...
Woman scaling a climbing wall

Photo courtesy Getty Images.

3 Habits to Boost Resilience


Few of us will be attacked by a shark or targeted by the Taliban. But we all endure loss and pain and we can all learn lessons of strength and...
Want to Start Meditating?


Ready, Sit, Meditate


You know it's good for you, so what's keeping you from starting a meditation practice? Perhaps it's all a little confusing. Here’s a closer look at...
Mindfulness Matters: Drastically change the way you think and feel.


Give Yourself a Mindfulness Makeover


In these chaotic times, the practice of mindfulness allows us to take back control over our bodies and our brains. Read how mindfulness and...


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