Recording artist Jason Mraz performs in concert at NBC's 'Today Show'

Recording artist Jason Mraz performs in concert at NBC's 'Today Show' at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. Photo by Debby Wong.

Jason Mraz Says Yes


Singer-songwriter makes an effort to be hopeful and joyful—for himself as well as his fans.
Purple sad face listening to earbuds.

7 Happy Songs Guaranteed to Make You Cry


Sometimes it's the happy songs that move us most and bring tears to our eyes.
Kids making music together
Emma Innocenti/

Rock ’n’ Roll Preschool


When young children make music together, they become kinder and more cooperative.

#HappyFacts: Music is Medicine, Joy is Contagious

Each week, Live Happy Radio presents #HappyFacts designed to enlighten, educate and entertain you. This week we explore the power of music, how joy...
Master conductor Benjamin Zander.

Photograph ©Benjamin Zander

Conductor of Joy


Conductor Benjamin Zander inspires others to see their own creative possibilities.
Playlist with breakfast

Can You Spice Up a Meal by Changing the Music?


The new field of neurogastonomy shows that the music we listen could change the way we experience food.
Pound fitness helps teen

Sarah Knobloch, right, and Kathy Larkins Moore, a fitness instructor in Nashville, Tennessee.

Pound it Out


Music and movement help one teen recover from a debilitating brain injury.
Find Happiness in Your Headphones

Illustrations by Shaw Nielsen

Find Happiness in Your Headphones


We know it can move our feet and fill our soul. But music can do wonders for our health and happiness as well.
Live Happy Summer Playlist

Monkey Business Images/

Live Happy Summer Playlist


We've put together the songs that make us most happy in this playlist—enjoy the joyful beats!
Drawing Cyndi Lauper

Drawing Cyndi Lauper: A Visual Blog

Illustrator Susy Pilgrim Waters shares her creative process.


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