Positive Education

Bullying’s Ripple Effect


Bullying’s Ripple Effect

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Teenage bullies can inflict emotional and physical pain on their victims in countless ways—calling kids names on the playground, flipping books out...
Sir Anthony Seldon

Character and Well-Being

Positive Psychology

The president of the International Positive Education Netowork (IPEN), Sir Anthony Seldon has a new book about happiness and new ideas for how to...
Castle Hills Elementary school kids spelling out "happy"

Students at Castle Hills Elementary spell out the word "Happy."

Elementary Students Celebrate Happiness

The cold and rainy weather didn't stop the festivities at Castle Hills Elementary School in Lewisville, Texas today, as nearly 800 jubilant students...
Happiness panel at the United Nations

A panel of happiness experts convened at the United Nations today to discuss the global movement toward happiness and well-being.

Measuring Happiness at the United Nations

Live Happy joined other experts on the study of happiness at the United Nations to discuss “The Paradox of Income and Happiness.”

The Promise of Positive Education

Positive Psychology

Should character strengths like grit and resilience in the classroom? Schools around the country are trying it, with positive results.

Diversity in Positivity

Positivity, like good weather, is widely appealing. But putting it into action is hard to do—like predicting good weather.

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