How I Live Happy

Finding connection through goat yoga.
The latest research in the science of well-being for maintaining the good life.

Finding Happiness in Health

The latest research in the science of well-being so you can maintain the good life.
Man wearing a WellBe bracelet.
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Keep Stress in Check With WellBe


New wearable tech bracelet tracks your stress around the clock.
How to deal with bad-news overload


How to Cope With Bad News Overload


When the news offers nothing but despair, it's easy to lose your balance. Here are some suggestions for getting back to center.
Find Happiness in Your Headphones

Illustrations by Shaw Nielsen

Find Happiness in Your Headphones


We know it can move our feet and fill our soul. But music can do wonders for our health and happiness as well.
Meet three people who have truly flourished.

Photography by ©Johan Jeppsson and ©Timothy Murray.

Transform Your Life and Flourish


Meet three inspiring people who have taken risks in order to live fully and flourish.
Celebrate Your Wins


10 Reasons to Celebrate Your Wins


Boost your well-being by celebrating your achievements, large and small.
Attractive middle aged couple leaning against each other.


8 Ways to Thrive in Midlife and Beyond


Let's change the script about what it means to get older.
Tom Rath: Are You Fully Charged


Are You Living Fully Charged?


Put your well-being on the front burner if you want to give back to the world.
Happiness Around the Clock

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Happiness Around the Clock


Can you be really happy all day? We've pulled together expert advice that will increase joy, connection and well-being from the moment you wake up...


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