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Coworkers having a conversation.
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Your Company Is Having the Wrong Conversation


Emphasize strengths instead of weaknesses in the workplace to improve employee well-being, productivity and ultimately the bottom line.
Good Morning America is Happy at Work

Photograph by Heidi Gutman.

Good Morning America is Happy at Work


The cast and crew of Good Morning America may have to get up early every day to report the news, but the cameraderie and sense of purpose on set...
Woman having a happy Monday.


6 Steps to a Happy Monday


Mondays get a bad rap. Use these 6 tips to make Monday a lot more enjoyable.
Busy worker at her desk


5 Steps to Establishing Clear Boundaries at Work


Live Happy blogger, best-selling author and workplace wellbeing coach Michelle McQuaid presents this series of interviews entitled "Show Up, Shine...
Wman at work smiling

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Show Up and Succeed


Author and work/life coach Michelle McQuaid hosts a series of five interviews on the subject of conquering your fears to achieve your potential at...

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