• Bank of America embraces the social benefits of mentoring


    Bank of America has launched an award-winning mentoring program that benefits both the employees involved and the young people they're helping.
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    What is big potential? Author and happiness expert Shawn Achor explains in this excerpt from his latest book.
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    We’re going to let you in on a productivity secret. It may seem counterintuitive at first, but it works.
5 Tips to Make Work Your Happy Place

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5 Tips to Make Work Your Happy Place


We can’t turn work into play, but we can uncover little tweaks and easy practices that will make your workweek a whole lot brighter.


5 Ways to Survive a Micromanaging Boss


It can be exasperating to work for a micromanager. Here are five expert tips for avoiding the pitfalls and excelling despite the challenges of a...
1 Minute to Begin It

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1 Minute to Begin It


Starting with as little as one minute of meditation at a time over a period of several weeks can improve your ability to focus and lower your stress...
Happily Self-Employed

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How to Be Happily Self-Employed


There are countless reasons people decide to go into business. No one becomes his or her own own boss to work 24/7 and make their families miserable...
Give Your Job a Makeover!

6 Quick Tips for a Job Happiness Makeover


We can't all quit the 9-to-5 world and follow the career of our dreams, and many of us don't want to! But if you are stuck in a position that could...
Happy businessman.

Get Optimism to Go Viral in 3 Easy Steps


Happiness researchers Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan have found that a whopping 31 percent of workers are optimists; they are your key to your...
Are you a marathoner or a sprinter?
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Know Your Pace


What makes people happy at work? Many things: a friend down the hall, a good boss, meaningful tasks, snazzy office supplies. Happiness expert...

6 Secrets to Creating Your Dream Job


Starting a business is exhilarating, but watch out for these common pitfalls. Here is our expert advice for following your passion and your dreams.

The New Science of Workplace Well-Being


Are you frazzled and overwhelmed at work? A new focus on wellness in the workplace shows happiness and productivity are not mutually exclusive.
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The Happiest Job in the World


If you had to guess what’s the happiest job in the world, what would your answer be? Movie star? Wealthy NFL player? Footloose and fancy-free travel...


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