Almonds and whole walnuts being cracked.
Photograph by Rusty Hill

Go Nuts When Reaching for a Healthy Snack


Nuts just might be nature’s perfect snack food; they taste great and are packed with nutrients.
Woman at the gym.

10 Top Health and Wellness Trends of 2017


Health and wellness trends come and go like the patchouli-scented breeze. Find out which fun and befuddling practices you'll be trying out this...
Desk with old and new technology.
Leszak Czerwonka/

5 Tips for Digital Decluttering


Follow our five easy tips to organize and get rid of your digital clutter and old gadgets.
Two people looking at a phone and laughing in a cafe.
Jacob Lund/

Let Technology Lift Your Life


Technology can be a gift or a burden. Get expert tips on how tech can improve your relationships instead of detract from them.
Confident woman walking to work.
Syda Productions/

10 Steps to Become a Fully Loaded Grown-Up


Want to know how to be a grown-up? Author and therapist Stacy Kaiser explains why taking control of your time, career and relationships makes all the...
Beans and Greens Stew

Beans and Greens Stew With Tomato Broth


Leafy greens may just be the healthiest food you can eat--but they are also delicious when tossed into this minestrone-like bean stew with a tomato-...
Worker with feet up on her desk.

10 Tips for a Happy Friday


Looking for a happy Friday? Try these 10 science-backed tips to make the most of your favorite weekday.
Woman lifting a heavy weight in a gym.
Jacob Lund/

Let Your Workout Lift Your Life


Pushing yourself past your imagined limits when you work out can challenge you mentally and stretch your boundaries physically.
Woman setting goals on her laptop.

Keep the Change


While just eight percent of resolutions are successfully kept, people who set goals show a success rate of 90 percent. Start your goal-setting...
College grad smiling at the camera.
Natali Dronova/

4 Tips to Raise High-Achieving Kids


To help your kids become high-achievers, give them the independence to make decisions, succeed and also fail on their own.



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