Two young people planning their lives.

How to Build Your Best Life


Learn how an innovative process called design thinking can bring happiness, fulfillment and serendipity into your life.
Dean Karnazes running an ultramarathon.
Photo courtesy of U.S. Dept. of State

Dean Karnazes Goes the Extra Mile


Endurance runner Dean Karnazes may be the ultimate marathon man.
'Gratitude' written on a notepad

Choose a Word of the Year to Create Lasting Change


Choosing a meaningful word or theme for the year can jump-start change and focus your mind during the inevitable ups and downs.
Happy guy on a surfboard
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5 Ways to Recharge Your Energy Anytime You Need It


Use these natural energy boosts for a lift whenever you need one.
People in a POUND fit class

Photograph ©Brita Potenza

Your Mind on the Move


You thought exercise was good for your body? Wait until you see what it can do for your brain.
Woman stretching her arms out in nature.
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5 Experts Weigh in on How to Transform Your Life in 2017


Start 2017 off with a bang! Five experts in food, fitness, work and more offer their best advice for making this the year you achieve your dreams.
Smiling woman with holiday presents.


4 Ways to Make This Holiday Season Better Than Perfect


According to Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, an all-or-nothing mentality could keep you from enjoying yourself during the holidays. Let go of perfectionism...
Woman eating spoonful of yogurt.

Can Fermented Food Elevate Your Mood?


According to the science of 'psychobiotics,' consuming more fermented foods and probiotics not only makes for a happier gut and better digestion but...
Happy 40-something woman lifting weights in the park.

Top 5 Fitness Tips for People Over 40


Get advice from experts in the field on how to stay fit and flexible at 40 and beyond.
Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway Is Living With No Excuses


Army veteran Noah Galloway fought his way back from despair to live a life with no excuses.



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