• Woman standing in front of orange wall
    Red is activiating and makes you hungry. Blue is calming. And using your favorite colors in your accessories and your home can brighten up your life.
  • Woman burning toast

    © Glowimages/Corbis

    I am always on the lookout for ways to shave minutes off dinner prep without sacrificing quality or nutrition. Here are a few tricks that even a food...
Alanis Morissette Enjoys the Moment
Photograph by Jeff Lipsky

Alanis Morissette Savors the Moment


Alanis Morisette has had several “phoenix rising from the ashes” moments in her life. Perhaps the most significant was right after giving birth, when...
5 Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day
irbis picture/Shutterstock.com

5 Expert Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding Day


Weddings should be joyful, but for brides, stress often comes with the territory. Consult this list to stay cool under pressure, and be fully present...
Alex from Orange is the New Black has her own story to tell
Laura Prepon plays Alex Vause (Cleary Wolters) in Orange is the New Black (Getty Images)

Real-Life Alex from "Orange is the New Black" Has a New Book Out


"Alex" from "Orange is the New Black" is in fact Cleary Wolters of Cincinnatti, Ohio. She has reinvented herself as a professional writer, and she...
Brad Meltzer knows about superheroes
Debby Wong/Shutterstock.com

The Heroes Among Us


Prolific author Brad Meltzer knows what makes a hero or superhero tick. His new series covers down-to-earth heroes such as Amelia Earhart, Albert...
Arianna Huffington: Balanced Media Mogul
Photograph courtesy of The Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington is Redefining Success


Arianna Huffington is passionate about success. And while success has been a focal point in her life, today, her view of success is tied closely to...

Larry David on Happiness


From the PBS documentary This Emotional Life, The iconic comedian shares his ideas about what makes people happy.
Yummy zucchini salad!

Photograph by Steve Woods

The Bite of Spring


Looking for something light and healthy this spring? Try this salad featuring zingy feta cheese and nutrition-packed raw zucchini that is shaved with...
Good Morning America is Happy at Work

Photograph by Heidi Gutman.

Good Morning America is Happy at Work


The cast and crew of Good Morning America may have to get up early every day to report the news, but the cameraderie and sense of purpose on set...
5 secrets to a happy morning


5 Secrets to a Happy Morning


Take control of the morning chaos: By making these simple changes to your morning routine, and your whole day will run more smoothly.
Try these three delicious recipes that use fresh spring produce.


The Flavors of Spring


Not sure what to do with all that beautiful spring produce? Here are three delicious recipes that make use of the peak vegetables of the season,...


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