Happy Halloween!

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Make Halloween Way More Fun


Halloween has become everyone’s favorite non-denominational holiday—kids and adults alike. Here are some fun ideas for kicking it up a notch this...
Woman burning toast

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Top 5 Timesaving Tips for the Kitchen


I love to cook. Cookbooks and food magazines make up a large portion of my reading for pleasure. Heck, I have a culinary degree! But like anything...
Olivia Newton-John

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Grace and Gratitude


It's been 36 years since Olivia Newton-John starred as the ultimate teen dreamgirl in Grease, and the singer/actress is still going strong today.

Color Me Happy


Red is activiating and makes you hungry. Blue is calming. And using your favorite colors in your accessories and your home can brighten up your life.
Hector and the Search for Happiness

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Hollywood Takes on the Pursuit of Happiness


In a new film by director Peter Chisholm, a psychiatrist named Hector embarks on an epic search for true happiness.
Organized workspace

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Clear Your Desk, and Your Mind Will Follow


To keep your mind focused and free of distractions, start by clearing clutter from your workspace.
Eric Hutchinson saves up on happiness

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Note to Self


Eric Hutchinson's songs make people happy, and making people happy makes him happy—so, everybody's happy.

Eric Hutchinson: Tell the World


Eric Hutchinson shows his signature style in this video of "Tell the World."
October 2014 issue of Live Happy

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Our First Anniversary Issue is Out!


The October issue is here, and it's our best yet.
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4 Great Ways to Use Your Superfoods


We've know what foods we should be eating, but we don't always use them in our daily meals. These four recipes show us how.