Thinley Yangzom. Photo by Geoffrey Oliver Bugbee.

Is Bhutan the Happiest Place in the World?


“For me happiness is not only for myself, but also includes my family,” says Thinley Yangzom. “If there are needs in my family and I can provide for...

Archery of Bhutan


In the Kingdom of Bhutan, the national sport of archery offers an entertaining spectacle for observers and requires focus, strength and stamina from the competitors. For the archers, tournaments are a means of blowing off steam while preserving their traditional culture. It’s also just good, clean fun.
Woman adding some happy to her home.

Put Some Happiness in Your Home


Happiness begins at home, they say. In fact, the more we feel that our home—our precious personal space—is a peaceful refuge from the world that...
Pile of shoes


Do You Really Need That?


While there is plenty of scientific evidence that curbing our consumer appetites can actually increase our happiness, putting that knowledge into...
Environmentally sustainable home


Simple Steps to a Greener Home


Whether you are concerned about climate change, your family’s health or saving money, the solution is the same: Invest in sustainable changes to your...
Beautiful pizza

Why Pizza Makes Us Happy


We caught up with pizza expert and author Peter Reinhart to ask him a few questions about America's favorite food.
Violinist Regina Carter

Photo by David Katzenstein

Strings of Passion


Genre-bending violinist takes notes and mixes and melds them into complicated melodies. Using an instrument usually slotted for one genre and...
Scott Foley exposes his passions.

Photograph by Nino Muñoz

Scott Foley's Passion


Scott Foley may play a sexy Washington insider on the hit TV show Scandal, but off-screen, he has an entirely different role.
Caroline Hirsch, comedy doyenne

© Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Still Laughing


So this priest walks into a bar… What, already heard that one? Well, if you are in New York and looking for a few laughs, Carolines on Broadway is...

Go Behind the Scenes With Kristin Chenoweth the Live Happy Photo Shoot


Kristin Chenoweth is Living Happy in this behind-the-scenes video from our fabulous cover shoot.