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    Here are 33 sweet and romanric ideas to bring you and your sweetheart closer together on Valentine's Day, from watching sappy movies to baking...
  • What can Cubs fans teach us about happiness?

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    Win or lose, Chicago Cubs fans have an incredibly positive attitude that gets them through season after (disastrous) season.
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    Has your world been all work and no play lately? Here's your list of what to watch, do, ponder and listen to in order to make life a little more fun.
Book cover: Win at losing
Book cover: Win at losing

Win at Losing


Failure can ultimately lead to success if you learn from it and have the resilience to bounce back.
Book cover: If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Happy?
If You're So Smart Why Aren't You Happy?

If You're So Smart Why Aren't You Happy?


The things that make people smart and successful can also undermine happiness.
Comedian Yakov Smirnoff
Getty Images

Yakov Smirnoff Is Bringing Laughter Back


Comedian and actor Yacov Smirnoff thinks laughter is the key to all kinds of happiness.
Woman with a stack of books on her desk.

10 Best Books to Help Achieve Your Goals


Need help reaching your goals or changing habits? These 10 action-oriented books will motivate you to reach your full potential.
Birthday girl doing hula-hoop.
Photographs courtesy of The Birthday Party Project.

The Birthday Party Project Gives Homeless Kids a Day to Sparkle


The Birthday Party Project organizes parties for kids living in homeless shelters. Find out how you can get involved.
Mom helping her son do homework.

What Great Parents Do Differently


A new book offers strategies for raising kids to be independent and thrive.
Two girls laughing

3 Ways to Find the Funny in Everyday Life


Want to know how to be funnier, or bring out the humor in a situation? Explore the positive role humor plays in everyday life.
Woman looking at her phone.

Amy Blankson's Tech Survival Kit


Amy Blankson's new book, The Future of Happiness, explores how we can flourish and thrive amid the digital revolution.
Cute boy at Happiness Wall
Photograph by Brian Coats.

5th Annual International Day of Happiness a Joyful Success


The 5th annual International Day of Happiness was a rousing success, as crowds gathered from Los Angeles to Miami to celebrate joy and well-being...
Mom and child doing yoga.

Illustration ©Nila Aye represented by

Teach Your Kids Yoga


By doing yoga with your children, you can create meaningful moments of connection through movement.



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