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Young woman looking at her phone with irritated look on her face.

Is Facebook Making Us More Jealous?

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If you feel that spending time on social media has made you feel more envious of your friends, you are not alone. They've even coined a word for it:...
FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)


Is Everyone Having Fun Without Me?

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FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) may sound silly, but it's a real phenomenon that negatively effects on our mood and well-being.
What’s Really Going on at Amazon


Amazon and the Problem of Modern Work Culture

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The New York Times feature on Amazon's grueling work culture has tongues wagging. Executive Coach and Live Happy Work columnist Margaret Greenberg...
Bullying’s Ripple Effect


Bullying’s Ripple Effect

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Teenage bullies can inflict emotional and physical pain on their victims in countless ways—calling kids names on the playground, flipping books out...
Norman the Therapy Pig!

Norman the Therapy Pig Hams It Up

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Some enterprising pig owners in North Texas have had their pet certified as a Therapy Pet, and the stressed-out students at SMU seem to love him.
Cat videos help us lick the blues

Cat Videos Help Us Lick the Blues

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And you thought your coworkers were just being silly and wasting time. Turns out they were instilling positive emotions throughout the office! Yes,...
B Corps are changing the way we do business

B the Change

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Businesses have a tremendous impact on our lives, as owners, employees, consumers and community members, and now B Corps are using that power to...
The Happiness Booth Can Determine How Happy You Are Feeling

The Happiness Booth

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In Los Angeles and Dubai, two very different technologies are attempting to do the same thing: figure out how happy you are.
Happier students do better in school.

Happier Students Make the Grade

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A new study out of Harvard University shows that if students are happy, they get better grades—and not just the other way around.
Is Facebook making us depressed?

Is Facebook Making Us Depressed?

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Shocking new study states that comparing yourself to friends on Facebook and other social media may cause depression—or at least "vacation envy." The...



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