The Brink of Midnight with John Brenkus

Success is often created through hard work, tough choices and moments that are simply divine. John Brenkus joins the podcast to share what happens at the brink of midnight.

Happy parents with baby.

10 Best Books for Happy Parenting

The best parenting books are ones that offer advice and not proscriptions, anecdotes instead of strict dos and don'ts. The 10 books listed here are well-researched, parent-tested as well as funny and down-to-earth.

Woman complaining to her boyfriend.
Mik Lav/

Cut the Complaint Habit

Venting, criticizing and complaining can be cathartic, but do it sparingly to reap the positive benefits.

#HappyFacts: Stairs Over Starbucks

Each week, Live Happy Radio presents #HappyFacts designed to enlighten, educate and entertain you. This week we explore the power of positive relationships, if happier people have deeper conversations and the impact of caffeine versus taking the stairs.

CFO for the Day at KIND Snacks

9-year-old Alex Múnoz.

KIND Snacks Declares 9-Year-Old CFO for the Day

Nine-year-old Alex Múnoz wrote a letter to the CEO of KIND Snacks--and got something unexpected in return.

Campers having fun.
Campers laugh it up at Campowerment, above. All photos courtesy of the camps.

Sleep-Away Camps for Adults Offer Play, Transformation

Sleep-away camps for grown-ups have been popping up across the country, drawing people in with a mix of childlike fun, welcoming community and a respite in nature.

The Happy Traveler with Jaime Kurtz

Summertime brings summer travel and sometimes the summer blues. Try these tips to make all your travels happy travels.

People watching a happy movie
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Top 10 Happy Movies of All Time

Happy movies offer a chance to explore far-off locales, sing at the top of our lungs, fall in love and escape the mundane duties of everyday life.

Woman taking selfie with her dog
Dean Drobot/

Dog Days of Happiness

Dogs are the ultimate happiness gurus. Learn how to be as carefree as your four-legged friends.

The Dog's Guide to Your Happiness with Garry McDaniel

Between the wet noses and the wagging tails, our four-legged companions have a lot to teach us about happiness.

Woman eating bowl of granola.
Foxy's Forest Manufacture/

How to Eat Like a Human

From tangling with eating disorders to unhealthy diet trends, many women struggle with food. Follow one woman's journey to a healhier lifestyle.

Mom and toddler in the kitchen.
George Rudy/

Simplify Your Life in 12 Steps

Follow these 12 steps to untangle yourself from the web of physical and mental 'stuff' that keeps you from engaging in what really matters.

LHU - Women's

Get your degree in happiness.

LH University - Women

Bee Awesome - Kids

Bee yourself. Bee Amazing! Start the day off on a...

Bee Awesome - Kids
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