Happiness in Motion

Happy wall in Miami
My favorite part of The Happy Wall is watching it from a distance. Curious, people walk gingerly around the perimeter, smiling as they read what...
Someone relaxing at home.
How an unintentional break from technology brightened my world. Happy. That’s the word I would use to describe my state after moving into a new house...
Group of friends lying on meadow
Thank you to each and every one of you who participated in the contest, spreading happiness and inviting your friends to join the happiness movement.
Old Mailboxes in west United States
Join us in spreading joy by performing our daily Acts of Happiness suggestion.
Multiracial group of people holding the Earth
True joy comes from spreading happiness to those around you. And like a pebble thrown into a pond, it only takes one person to create a ripple of...
Really happy people
Happiness can be elusive. Instead of chasing after it, you can choose it daily! Learn 10 ways to be happier.
Happy Reach Map
We here at Live Happy believe that we are all at the forefront of something great. We call it the happiness movement and we encourage you to join.


About Happiness in Motion

What happens when happiness is put into motion? More than you can imagine. Learn why the Live Happy Movement has such a tremendous impact in the lives of others, Hear personal stories of how people have put happiness into practice in their own lives, and the ripple effect that it creates. Learn what you can do to share happiness wherever you go. Pull up a chair, relax and be prepared to stay awhile because you’re going to love it here.

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