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  • Famous Nyhavn pier with colorful buildings and boats in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Famous Nyhavn pier with colorful buildings and boats in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo credit: Olga Gavrilova/Shutterstock

    Live Happy’s Bonnie Olesen delivers the goods on Copenhagen.
  • Celebrate the Fourth of July
    No matter how you choose to spend your Fourth of July holiday, a little patriotic music provides the perfect soundtrack for your celebration.
  • Finding connection through goat yoga.
Guy relaxing on the grass
We are always busy, always in a rush. To achieve happiness, maybe we need to slow down and live in the present.
Woman meditating on a beach
Imagine if you had a secret word, which, when repeated, had the power to calm and heal you throughout your life.
Live Happy's new CEO Kym Yancey definitely has the right disposition for the position.
Brazilian soccer player
Even if you don't know an off-sides from a goalpost, you can still get caught up in World Cup craziness.
Pretty leaf in sunshine
It's easy to put yourself in a funk or emotional space that works against you. When this happens to me, I do three things: 1. I acknowledge my...
Live Happy Team with Artwork
We practice what we preach! The Live Happy team takes a fieldtrip to sharpen our creativity.
Kids playing at recess
Kids thrive during outdoor play, but what about grown-ups? The unexpected joys of volunteering at school recess include helping the kids—and yourself.
A Happiness Backlash?
Is happiness overrated? It depends how you interpret the word and the sentiments behind it.
Dancing Man in Cincinnati
Chilly temperatures couldn’t keep Cincinnati from getting happy on Sunday, March 23 when nearly 50 people showed up to help dance fitness instructor...
Occasionally we need a auditory pick-me-up designed to get our heads bobbing and our hands clapping, so we've taken it upon ourselves to put together...


From the Team

The Live Happy team will be taking turns blogging about a little bit of everything. Things that make us happy. Happenings in and around the office and items we find in our research along the way. We may talk about our personal growth with the materials we are learning, writing and studying. Or we may just share something that had us laughing in the office. Join us!

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