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Actress Jillian Rose Reed

Photo ©Adam Hendershott—The Headshot Truck

Jillian Rose Reed Is Happily Connected

The MTV star makes sure friends always know how to reach her.
Fort Worth Blue Zones kickoff party

Bella Reale performs the splits during a performance at the Blue Zones Project, Fort Worth Kick-Off event on Feb. 21, 2015.
Photo below: Blue Zones, LLC founder Dan Buettner and Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price at the Kick-Off Event.

Woman canoodling with her dog.
Kar Tr/

Buy Yourself Free Time to Find Happiness

New study says money can buy happiness, if used for time-saving services.
Holiday Traditions Around the World

Photo of a Christmas Market in Stockholm, Sweden by Oleksiy Mark/

How Do You Spell 'Santa' in Swedish?

Around the world, different cultures celebrate the holidays in unique ways.
Holly Robinson-Peete and RJ Peete

Christopher Voelker for Live Happy

Finding Strength in Adversity

Holly Robinson-Peete and family are driven to help those in need
Woman stretching her arms out in nature.
David Pereiras/

5 Tips to Transform Your Life in 2017

Make a fresh start in every realm, from food to finance to fitness.
Two women are on a journey to discover what makes Americans happy.

Walking the Talk

Two women are on a journey to discover what makes Americans happy.
Pensive woman sitting on a bench.

Be Real About How You Feel

The secret to happiness may include embracing all our emotions, even the painful ones.
Bethany Hamilton

Sean Rowland/Getty Images

Bethany Hamilton Rides a Wave of Purpose

The surfing champion and amputee inspires millions with her courage and resilience.
Illustration of boy flying out of a cage.

Illustration by John Coulter for Live Happy

Changing Lives

The mutual benefits of a mentoring relationship
Dean Karnazes running an ultramarathon.
Photo courtesy of U.S. Dept. of State

Dean Karnazes Goes the Extra Mile

Globe-trotting utramarathoner finds happiness in the journey.
Castle Hills Elementary school kids spelling out "happy"

Students at Castle Hills Elementary spell out the word "Happy."

Happy face

Happy News of the Week

Don't despair, happiness is out there.
Mother and Daughters Picking up Trash


Volunteer Match

Resources to help you find your way to make a difference
Students at Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas put everything into their art.

Photograph © Sharon Bradford

A Passion to Create

Students at Booker T. Washington High School in Dallas put everything into their art.
David A. Sadler with his free hugs campaign.

Free Hugs Campaign Spreads Trust and Affection

Alabama man who puts blind faith in humanity is rewarded with love.
Sunday suppers with Rev Run

Dinner With Rev Run

The rapper and family man loves to bring people together over food.
Man dreaming of retirement

Illustration © Alexander Mostov

Make a Happiness Plan for Retirement

Add meaning and purpose to the mix when your working days have ended.
Tia Mowry-Hardrict in "I Insist!" video for FluMist Quadrivalent

© Getty Images for FluMist Quadrivalent

Tia Mowry Insists on Healthy Living

Keeping her family healthy and happy is priority No. 1
The Final Countdown

Section Editor Chris Libby

Happy older woman


How to Be Happy at 90

The results of this study on happiness and longevity will surprise you.
Drawing of a comedian telling jokes.
Illustration by Chris Pyle

Find Your Funny Bone

Your sense of humor is an essential skill for getting through life.
Illuminate Film Festival
Woman with steaming cup of cocoa

3 Mindful Habits to Manage Your Holiday Time

Practice these techniques to fill your minutes with meaning.
Boats on Beach


Why March Madness Makes Us So Happy

Aspen Photo/

Why March Madness Makes Us So Happy

Psychology show us that people love to root for the underdog.
Eric Hutchinson saves up on happiness

Photograph © JUCO

Note to Self

Singer-songwriter Eric Hutchinson saves up happiness for a rainy day.
Comedian Yakov Smirnoff
Getty Images

Yakov Smirnoff Is Bringing Laughter Back

The actor/comedian believes humor is the key to any relationship.
Stan Lee's Superhero Skills


If Stan Lee Could Have Any Superpower ...

We talk to the comic book legend to find out what makes a real hero in his eyes.
Happy woman at work

Tackle Work Stress With These Practical Tips

Use these techniques to find your zen zone on the job.
2013-2014 drawing in sand on beach


Laura Benanti living happy

©Teresa Kroeger/Wire Image/Getty Images

Laura Benanti Gets the Right Kind of Attention

The Broadway and television star shares her secrets for living happy.
What can Cubs fans teach us about happiness?

Max Herman/Demotix/Corbis

Winning Isn't Everything

What can Cubs fans teach us about happiness?
Actor Echo Kellum

Echo Kellum Treats Life as a Gift

The actor and comedian is happy making other people laugh.
Top 10 States to Retire Happy

Monkey Business Images/

Top 10 States for Aging Happy

Hang your hammock here for happy golden years.
Mindful Running
Photo credit: Izf/Shutterstock

Get Into Mindful Running

Start your day with movement for the mind, body and sole.
Top 10 Happiest Major Market Cities

©David Liu/E+/Getty Images

Americans Set Record High for Engagement at Work

Americans Set Record High for Engagement at Work

Yet billions in revenue are still lost due to untapped productivity.
The Give-Back Pack

The Give-Back Pack

These bags pack a lot more than school supplies.
Two young women eating cotton candy.
Jacob Lund/

13 Easy Ways to Boost Your Well-Being

Good mental maintenance can help balance your emotions.
Smiley face icon

The History of Smiley

Where did that awesome happy face come from, anyway?
Lonely No More

Illustration by Penelope Dullaghan

4 Ways to Beat Loneliness

Staying connected with others could add years to your life.
Bank of America embraces the social benefits of mentoring


Nurturing the Future

Bank of America embraces the social benefits of mentoring
Lorraine Toussaint's Everyday Happiness

Photograph ©Jorge Bautista

Lorraine Toussaint's Everyday Happiness

The "Orange Is the New Black" star revels in positivity on- and off-screen.
Caroline Hirsch, comedy doyenne

© Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Still Laughing

The Queen of Comedy takes life one joke at a time
Cute kida celebrating International Day of Happiness

Oh Happy Day

Visitors to Live Happy Walls around the world share acts and thoughts of kindness.
The End of Bullying?

Illustration (cropped) by John Coulter

The End of Bullying?

Positive psychologists feel that lasting solutions may be on the horizon.

Photo credit: Tono Balaguer/Shutterstock

Naples Residents Are Happiest, Healthiest

Recent Gallup-Sharecare report shows this Florida region is tops again for well-being.
Adam Shell and Nicholas Kraft in Valencia, CA

Courtesy of Adam Shell and Nicholas Kraft

Happy Trails

Two filmmakers on a mission to find the happiest people in America
Happiest College Students on Campus


Who Has the Happiest College Students on Campus?

The Princeton Review ranks the happiest universities in the United States.
Man and woman running together

Syda Productions/

Runner Approved

4 apps to keep you moving and motivated.
People walking in the park.
Courtesy of the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board.

Happiness Is a Walk in the Park

Health and well-being may be just around the corner.
Leaders Make Moves Toward Mindfulness


Masters of Mindfulness

Photograph by Angelina Alvarez (Manriquez)

Mindfulness in the Classroom

Stress-relief techniques create real-life superpowers for students.
Jim Carrey wearing sunglasses


Jim Carrey on a Roll

Actor's new children's book makes waves among younger set
Illustration of woman writing in gratitude journal.

4 Gratitude Rituals to Increase Kindness and Joy

Use these proven techniques to give thanks this season.

And the Happiest State in the Nation Is …

We explain the surprising answer.
Man wearing a WellBe bracelet.
Courtesy of WellBe Inc.

Keep Stress in Check With WellBe

New wearable tech takes your emotional measurements around the clock.
Goals ... What Goals?
Finding Happiness