Sandra Bilbray

Sandra Bilbray

Sandra Bilbray is a nationally-published writer, a social media content expert and the owner of The Media Concierge, a company dedicated to creating professional content for thought leaders, authors, and business executives. Sandra worked as the columns editor for SUCCESS magazine, and her work has been published on Huffington Post, Forbes, and Executive Travel, among others. As a digital marketing content expert, Sandra helps authors gain publicity for their brands and books. Sandra has an expertise and passion for writing about personal growth, happiness, wellness and fitness. She loves inspiring people to live more fulfilling lives.

Sandra says, “While some people (pessimists!) call me idealistic, I believe we all have a choice in life and I choose HAPPY. I don’t believe we should postpone joy for down the road or after we have achieved this or that, but to create, plan and live our joy daily. It’s my mission to inspire others to find happiness, have more fun, feel more fulfilled and reap all the benefits that come from living a positive life.”

Sandra lives in the beautiful mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina, with her husband, twin toddler girls, and a cat and dog.


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Sheryl Sandberg on Grief, Healing in Option B

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