Senia Maymin

Senia Maymin

Senia Maymin, Ph.D., is the coauthor of the business book Profit from the Positive: Proven Leadership Strategies to Boost Productivity and Transform Your Business. She has been featured in the media—including PBS's This Emotional LifeBusiness WeekPublic Radio International, and USA Today—primarily for her work as a positive psychology executive coach. When entrepreneurs and executives seek far-reaching productivity improvements, they call on Senia as an executive coach and workshop leader. Senia founded and is editor in chief of a research news website featuring more than 1,000 articles by over 100 authors. Additionally, Senia oversees a network of coaches that specialize in positive psychology methods. She has worked in finance on Wall Street and in technology as co-founder and president of two startups. Senia holds a B.A. in math and economics from Harvard, a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA and Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She speaks Russian, French and Japanese. She lives with her family in California.

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