Happy Reach


What’s your happy reach?

Do you ever wonder if you’re making a difference? Now, you can see just how far your joy spreads and how many lives you’re brightening with our Happy Reach map.

Happy Reach allows you to actually see the difference you are making by sharing joy. This visual tool tracks your happiness footprint and shows you how many people you’ve positively impacted, and the people they’ve impacted, and the people they’ve impacted ... Just knowing how many people you’ve helped live happy will put a smile on your face!



How does it work?


Join the Happiness Movement — for free—and become a Happiness Ambassador.



Spread happiness by sharing articles, videos and more the Live Happy website. When your newly inspired friends decide to become Happiness Ambassadors themselves, they are instantly added to your Happy Reach.


Happy people spread their joy to others. Help us expand happiness. Become an ambassador of happiness, and
share the joy and knowledge of how to live a happier live.
Creating a happier world is that simple. It’s as easy as one click, and one choice to spread happiness. Become a
Happiness Ambassador and start counting your own Happy Reach today!
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Happy Child Summit is online April 8-11, 2019.

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