What Color is Your Blanket?

By Shelley Levitt

If happiness is a warm blanket, then British Airways is taking that adage to new heights. Recently, the U.K.’s largest airline started testing “happiness blankets” to find out how to make the experience of flying more enjoyable and sky-high sleep more easily achieved.

Woven with fiber optics, the blankets use a headband tricked out with neurosensors to measure a person’s brainwaves. Like a snuggly mood ring, the blankets change colors indicating whether passengers are tense (red) or relaxed (blue).

So far, first-class passengers on three cross-Atlantic flights have participated in the study, with the resulting data showing that the blankets are consistently blue during mealtime. To ensure premium passengers stay in the blissful blue zone, the company plans to introduce breakfast cards, says Michele Kropf, a British Airways spokesperson. Passengers will simply fill out their choices before they slip into slumber, and their meal will either be served when their blankets start rustling or packed “to go” if the passenger snoozes until landing.

As for those of us flying coach, try this: Bring your favorite blanket and a good book aboard. 

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