Anna Faris on the cover of Live Happy

October 2017

Anna Faris

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Anna Faris Opens Up About New Memoir

By: Gina Roberts-Grey

Anna Faris expands her range as she doles out relationship advice on her new podcast and in her new memoir, Unqualified.

Rob Thomas
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Rob Thomas Still Loves You

By: Gerry Strauss

For Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas, performing never gets old.

Woman holding a crate of apples.
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Good Apples

Versatile, nutricious apples taste good in almost everything--including the Apple Cake and Apple Sauce recipes we've included here.

Father and son fishing.
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33 Ideas for a More Meaningful Life

Create a lifetime of happiness and joy when you focus on what gives you the greatest sense of meaning.

Creative kid
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Know Your Kids' Strengths

Focus on your kids' strengths and talents, says expert Lea Waters, to develop a more positive parenting relationship.

Girl working at a computer
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Never Stop Learning

By: Ryan Niemiec, Psy.D.

With a strong love of learning, you are constantly growing and gaining new perspectives on life.

Garcelle Beauvais

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Garcelle, With Grace and Gratitude

Garcelle Beauvais is optimistic about her future as an actress, mother and author of children's books.

Woman happy at work.

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What Really Makes Us Happier at Work?

Being happy and fulfilled on the job is even more important than a higher paycheck for many workers today, says new Gallup report.

Person standing in chalk outline.

3 Ways to Get Unstuck at Work

When stuck in a rut at work, step outside your usual routine to catch some fresh ideas.

Person reading tablet outside.

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4 Ways to Stop Work Stress From Following You Home

Work stress can seep into our home lives if we don't take specific steps to make sure that doesn't happen.