December 2017 Issue

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December 2017 Issue of Live Happy Magazine

Live Happy’s New Holiday Issue Is Packed With Bright Ideas

Find the perfect gift that gives back, read about Reba's new albums and make gratitude a hallmark of your holidays when you pick up the latest issue of Live Happy magazine.

Stacy Kaiser, therapist

Ask Stacy: Expert Tips for a Happy Life

Our resident expert, therapist Stacy Kaiser, fields questions about relationships, happiness and more from Live Happy readers.

Anchorman Craig Melvin

News anchor Craig Melvin; photo courtesy ©NBC.

How Craig Melvin Stays Positive in a Negative News World

By: Gina Roberts-Grey

National news anchor Craig Melvin shares his tips for finding joy and laughter--even when negativity dominates the news.

Spiritual illustration of woman mediating

Illustration ©Trinia Danziel

Are You in Touch With Your Spiritual Side?

By: Ryan Niemiec, Psy.D.

The strength of spirituality involves our capacity to dig deep and find the greater meaning in life.

Reba McEntire
Photographs courtesy of Reba's Business, Inc./Cameron Powell

Reba McEntire Has a New Song in Her Heart

By: Deborah Evans Price

“People who I wouldn’t expect to listen to my music stop me, grab me by the arm and say, ‘This is the best album you’ve ever released!’”

The word Impossible being cut in two

3 Best New Year's Resolutions for Optimists

Instead of striving to do something you’ve never done before, like learn Spanish or write a novel, repeat patterns that worked well for you this year.

People wrapping holiday gifts

5 Simple Tips for Easing Holiday Stress

By: Jennifer Moss

Here are a few best practices to rewire your attitude (and happiness) during the holiday season, from one of the founders of Plasticity Labs.

Person writing a Thank You note

Discover the Hidden Power of 'Thank You'

From the time we learned to talk, we are told to say 'thank you.' Our parents weren’t just teaching us manners, they were giving us a tool for lasting happiness.

Hands holding a small heart.
Eakachai Leesin/

33 Ideas for Giving Back

Giving back not only benefits society--it's also great for your own health and happiness.

Great Holiday Gifts

15 Fabulous Holiday Gifts That Give Back

By: April Hardwick

Help make the world a better place when you choose a gift that gives twice from this fun and colorful assortment.

Illustration of animals with religious symbols on them

Illustrations by ©Sarah Walsh

Have a Little Faith to Find Happiness

Faith and positive psychology intersect when it comes to concepts such as gratitude, kindness, forgiveness and mindfulness.

North House Folk School
Photographs courtesty of the John C. Campbell Folk School and the North House Folk School

Folk Schools Revitalize Traditional Skills of the Past

By: Terri Peterson Smith

At folk schools, students come from all over to learn old-fashioned maker skills, from weaving to blacksmithing.

Mom and daughter in a tent indoors.
Evgeny Atamanenko/

Create Family Rituals for Greater Happiness and Connection

By: Jan Stanley

Family rituals provide opportunities to build well-being and togetherness for both parents and children.

Woman with steaming cup of cocoa

3 Mindful Habits to Manage Your Holiday Time

Use these three habits to stay present and not feel so stressed, rushed and harried during the holiday season.

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