July 2017

Jim Gaffigan on the cover of Live Happy
Couple lying on grass with phones.
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60 Seconds to Happiness

Social media can make us happier or more miserable. Use these tips to deepen relationships and enhance well-being when you go online.

Girl sitting on top a vintage car.
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33 Ideas for Adventure

You don't need to bungee-jump backward off a bridge to bring more excitement into your life. Try these 33 ideas to spark your inner adventurer.

Woman with boxing gloves
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Do You Have Enough Grit?

Caroline Adams Miller's new book, Getting Grit, is about passion, perseverance and facing adversity to reach your true potential.

Three friends going camping.

Gear Up for Outdoor Adventure

By: April Hardwick

Whether you are globe-trotting or camping out in your own backyard, your adventure awaits with these fun and practical items.

Jim Gaffigan buried in toys
Photographs by Mary Ellen Matthews

Jim Gaffigan Plays Life for Laughs

Jim Gaffigan has become one of America's most beloved comedians by radiating joy, light and a little curmudgeonliness from the stand-up stage.

Pilgrim on the Camino de Campostela
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The Pilgrim's Progress

On a pilgrimage road, Camino de Santiago, positive psychology provides the ballast to an arduous journey.

Woman in a field of wildflowers
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Appreciate the Beauty All Around You

By: Ryan Niemiec, Psy.D.

If you are quick to express wonder at the blueness of the sky or the curving architecture of a downtown building, appreciation of beauty may be one of your top character strengths.

Golfer Brittany Lang
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Brittany Lang Is Grateful for Every Shot

Champion golfer Brittany Lang keeps work and life on a positive footing.

Woman taking selfie with her dog
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Dog Days of Happiness

By: Garry McDaniel, Sharon Massen

Dogs are the ultimate happiness gurus. Learn how to be as carefree as your four-legged friends.

Actor Tony Hale

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Tony Hale Fuels His Characters With Experience

By: Gerry Strauss

Veep actor Tony Hale fuels his life and art with faith, family and mindfulness.

Global Happiness in Dubai

Photograph above courtesy World Government Summit. All other photographs by ©Cindy Baldhoff

Advancing Global Happiness in Dubai

The fifth annual World Government Summit in Dubai brought together leaders and academics to discuss the importance and implementation of global happiness.

Cute kida celebrating International Day of Happiness

Oh Happy Day

Joy held sway as people young and old came out this year to celebrate the International Day of Happiness.

Architect working on a drawing.

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Keep Your Creativity Fresh

By: Joseph Cardillo, Ph.D.

Keep your creative energy fresh by alternating the kinds of activities you do throughout the day.

Campers having fun.
Campers laugh it up at Campowerment, above. All photos courtesy of the camps.

Sleep-Away Camps for Adults Offer Play, Transformation

Sleep-away camps for grown-ups have been popping up across the country, drawing people in with a mix of childlike fun, welcoming community and a respite in nature.

Buddhist monks walking down a corridor.

5 Awe-Inspiring Travel Destinations

By: Megan Snedden

These five far-flung destinations are sure to inspire your wanderlust. Get that passport ready.

Woman admiring mountains and lake.

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Embracing Awe

Recent research shows that awe--an underappreciated emotion--can force us to stay in the moment, bringing with it all kinds of benefits for mind and body.

People walking in the park.
Courtesy of the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board.

Happiness Is a Walk in the Park

Urban parks and green space offer more than beauty--they're also a boon for your well-being!

Man wearing a WellBe bracelet.
Courtesy of WellBe Inc.

Keep Stress in Check With WellBe

New wearable tech bracelet tracks your stress around the clock.

Grilled cheese sandwich


Ruthie's Rolling Cafe Puts Kindness on the Menu

By: Amanda Gleason

Caring for the community is part of the this food truck company’s DNA.

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