June 2015

Good Morning America
Good Morning America is Happy at Work

Photograph by Heidi Gutman.

Good Morning America is Happy at Work

By: Gina Roberts-Grey

The cast and crew of Good Morning America may have to get up early every day to report the news, but the cameraderie and sense of purpose on set keeps them happy—with a deep sense of purpose.

Be more courageous in life!

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33 Ideas for Living a More Courageous Life

Courage is one of the greatest virtues that we all possess. Facing our fears in the presence of danger and adversity can give us the strength to persevere in any situation and boost our confidence and well-being.

Sunday suppers with Rev Run

Dinner With Rev Run

Countless studies show that sitting down with your family for a meal is good for your well-being. If that doesn't convince you, maybe you'll listen to a man of the cloth: Rev Run, the legendary frontman of hip-hop group Run DMC, is showing the rest of the world how to get families to the dinner table with Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers.

Yummy zucchini salad!

Photograph by Steve Woods

The Bite of Spring

By: Brigit Binns

Looking for something light and healthy this spring? Try this salad featuring zingy feta cheese and nutrition-packed raw zucchini that is shaved with a peeler or mandoline.

Sir Anthony Seldon

Character and Well-Being

By: Lisa Ocker

The president of the International Positive Education Netowork (IPEN), Sir Anthony Seldon has a new book about happiness and new ideas for how to teach character and not just academics in the classroom.

Arianna Huffington: Balanced Media Mogul
Photograph courtesy of The Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington is Redefining Success

By: Jan B. Stanley

Arianna Huffington is passionate about success. And while success has been a focal point in her life, today, her view of success is tied closely to well-being and happy living.

4 Secrets to Following Your Dreams
Miles Studio/Shutterstock

4 Secrets to Following Your Dreams

Overcoming your fears and pursuing your goals and dreams takes courage. Here are expert tips from our executive coaches on how to pursue your dreams and become courageous in your everyday life.

Are you a marathoner or a sprinter?
Dario Lo Presti/Shutterstock.com

Know Your Pace

What makes people happy at work? Many things: a friend down the hall, a good boss, meaningful tasks, snazzy office supplies. Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin offers another metric: Finding the pace that is right for you. Are you a marathon runner or a sprinter at work? Read more to learn the differences.

Happy businessman.


Get Optimism to Go Viral in 3 Easy Steps

Happiness researchers Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan have found that a whopping 31 percent of workers are optimists; they are your key to your success.

Give Your Job a Makeover!

6 Quick Tips for a Job Happiness Makeover

We can't all quit the 9-to-5 world and follow the career of our dreams, and many of us don't want to! But if you are stuck in a position that could use a little more oomph, here are 6 expert tips for adding the stimulation and meaning you crave.

Jack Miller, Cade Humphreys, and Dustin Hansen

Photograph © Annie Livingston

Rounding Up Hope

By: Marie Speed

Camp Roundup River Ranch gives kids with cancer a chance to simply play and be kids. It also gives grown-ups the opportunity to give back, and to experience the joy and hope that surrounds these special campers.

Bob Bowman and Michael Phelps: Everyday Excellence

Photograph © Lucas Jackson Reuters/Corbis

Michael Phelps' Secret to Everyday Excellence

By: Aimee Berg

The most decorated Olympian of all time didn’t win 22 medals (including 18 gold) alone. Instead, swimmer Michael Phelps relied on his coach, Bob Bowman, to design the workload to help him make history.

Amy Van Dyken: A Potrait of Resilience

Photographs: Top © David Zalubowski/Corbis, Middle, Reuters/Corbis, Bottom, Carlo Allegri/Reuters/Corbis

The Bounce-Back Effect

By: Janice Arenofsky

When Olympic swimming champion Amy Van Dyken was paralyzed in an accident, she faced a very tough road to recovery. Using her own positive spirit and the help of those around her, Amy found the resilience strength, not just to carry on but to thrive.

Stan Lee's Superhero Skills


If Stan Lee Could Have Any Superpower ...

Comic book legend Stan Lee is a mastermind behind some of the greatest superheroes of all time.

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