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Word Power


Words matter, and as we take steps to boost our happiness, the very words we choose are surprisingly important. That’s because different words appeal...
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Naturally Happy


It turns out that "grounding" ourselves—literally sinking our feet into nature—has all kinds of benefits for the psyche. Fine a forest, an ocean or...
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America's Most Satisfied Cities


A recent Gallup-Healthways poll measured life satisfaction in cities around the country. You'll be surprised by the results.

5 Tips for Feeling Healthy Inside and Out


If you want your mood to go up, increase your exercise. When we compare ourselves to others, we focus our time and energy on trying to be something...

6 Tips for Nurturing Your Self-image


From the moment we’re born, we are conditioned to focus on our appearance. Stop scrutinizing every flaw, and focus on what you love about yourself.
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5 Essential Tips for Getting a Great Nap


Grown-ups need naps, too. Get five essential tips for successful napping.

QUIZ: Do You Love Your Body?


Are you overly critical of your flaws? Find out how you see yourself, and whether you need to be kinder and more loving toward your body.
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Step-by-Step Guide to Compassion Meditation


Experts guide you through the process of this special kind of meditation.
Laughter Yoga in action

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Laughing for Life


“If you act like a happy person, your body responds,” Madan Kataria, a medical doctor in Mumbai, India says, “so I started trying different laughter...
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Hopeful People and Their Superpowers


While hope evolves and changes throughout our lifetimes, the feelings, motivational benefits and successful outcomes stay the same.


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