Younger woman holding older woman's hands.
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Start a Ripple of Kindness in Your Community


Research shows that kindness is contagious. Do a #HappyActs in your community and watch the impact grow as others do the same.
KIND Foundation Winner Sandra Goldberg (right)

KIND Foundation grant winner Dr. Sandra Goldberg, right. After beating breast cancer, Dr. Sandy started A Silver Lining Foundation to help others access resources.

Community Heroes Awarded $1.1 Million for Kindness, Compassion


Snack company KIND has awarded 7 community heroes a total of 1.1 million in grants for selfless service to others.
Happy Thanksgiving


9 Ways to Make the Most of Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving, take time out to really appreciate the moment and the meaning of the holiday. With a little extra mindfulness—and creative...
Phil and Joann Gulley have embraced a simpler life.
Phil and Joann Gulley

Living on Less to Give More


In a new kind of philanthropy, a growing number of people are intentionally living on less to give back more to their favorite causes.
Alex's Lemondade Stand

Alex's Lemonade Stand


Started in loving memory of one courageous young girl, Alex's Lemonade Stand has raised millions to fight childhood cancer.
Home Loan

Ron Sturgeon, fiancee Linda Allen with Catherine and Amber Jenkins and their service dog, Maggie.

Home Loan


A couple of years ago, Ron Sturgeon made a conscious choice to become more generous, but he never expected it would evolve into this.
Helping Hands Together

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Helping Hands Together


Teach your kids to give back by actually doing it with them!
Doniece Sandoval, founder of Lava Mae

Doniece Sandoval, founder of Lava Mae; photographs courtesy Henrik Kam

Lava Mae Gives Homeless a Fresh Start


Find out about how a creative San Francisco philanthropist is helping the city's homeless population in a way that is truly transformative.
The Gift That Changed My Life

Illustrations by Susy Pilgrim Waters

The Gift That Changed My Life


A gift can take many forms. Here, ten people share stories of gifts that offered new hope, led them to pursue radical dreams and changed the course...
Man holding out a small wrapped present.

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When Gift Giving Goes Wrong


Simple as it may seem, gift giving is loaded with meaning. Editor at large Stacy Kaiser offers expert tips for both the gift giver and receiver as we...


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