Woman in a field of wildflowers
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Appreciate the Beauty All Around You


If you are quick to express wonder at the blueness of the sky or the curving architecture of a downtown building, appreciation of beauty may be one...
Two girls laughing

3 Ways to Find the Funny in Everyday Life


Want to know how to be funnier, or bring out the humor in a situation? Explore the positive role humor plays in everyday life.
Woman volunteering in a garden with a group of people.
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17 Ways to Give Back According to Your Strengths


Ready for 'Giving Tuesday'? Use your strengths as a guidepost for how and where to allocate your time and energy to good causes.

And the Winner Is...Character Strengths!

This year, movies projected a lot more than costumes and cleavage. They showed examples of character strengths that we can emulate.
Happier at Work in Just 11 Minutes

Happier at Work in Just 11 Minutes

When was the last time you felt really energized and excited about your work? Try these 11-minute habits built to develop your strengths and you will...
7 Steps Back From Depression

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7 Steps Back From Depression


Learn seven tips that have helped one woman come back from the depths of depression, and maintain a balanced and happy mindset for years.
Young couple watching a movie in theater.

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5 Must-Watch Movies for the Holidays


Movies inspire and entertain us. They bring us together and keep us laughing (or crying) on a dark winter's day when it's too cold to go out and play...

6-Step Goal-Setting Challenge

Do you want to make lasting changes in 2016? Expert coach, speaker and author Caroline Miller walks us through each step necessary to make short- and...
Author Suzann Pileggi Pawelski and teammate

The Power of Teamwork

Strength, resilience, toughness ... you need all these things to compete in a Spartan obstacle race. But as our positive psychology blogger Suzann...
Woman scaling a climbing wall

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3 Habits to Boost Resilience


Few of us will be attacked by a shark or targeted by the Taliban. But we all endure loss and pain and we can all learn lessons of strength and...


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