• Dalai Lama with a crowd of people

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    The Dalai Lama believes that compassion can be taught and learned. It is essential for our growth as human beings.
Ruthie's Rolling Cafe
Ruthie"s Rolling Cafe

Ruthie's Rolling Cafe Puts Kindness on the Menu


Caring for the community is part of the this food truck company’s DNA.
Birthday girl doing hula-hoop.
Photographs courtesy of The Birthday Party Project.

The Birthday Party Project Gives Homeless Kids a Day to Sparkle


The Birthday Party Project organizes parties for kids living in homeless shelters. Find out how you can get involved.
KIND Foundation Winner Sandra Goldberg (right)

KIND Foundation grant winner Dr. Sandra Goldberg, right. After beating breast cancer, Dr. Sandy started A Silver Lining Foundation to help others access resources.

Community Heroes Awarded $1.1 Million for Kindness, Compassion


Snack company KIND has awarded 7 community heroes a total of 1.1 million in grants for selfless service to others.
Woman sitting at a desk working on laptop with Christmas decor.

5 Apps to Make Holiday Giving Last All Year


New technology turns giving to your favorite charities from a once-a-year ritual to a convenient feel-good habit that can last all year long.
happy gift books


9 Gift Books to Spark Joy This Holiday Season


What books bring you joy? A cookbook, a coloring book, a book by Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama? We've gathered an eclectic list of uplifting books...
Woman volunteering in a garden with a group of people.
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17 Ways to Give Back According to Your Strengths


Ready for 'Giving Tuesday'? Use your strengths as a guidepost for how and where to allocate your time and energy to good causes.
Turkey in a roasting pan
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Let's Talk Turkey


The Thanksgiving meal may be chock full of caloric indulgences, but roast turkey is a healthy eater's dream: a lean protein packed with tryptophan...
Gifts at Dallas police station

Community Shows Up for Dallas Police


During a time of tragedy, a community comes together.
Phil and Joann Gulley have embraced a simpler life.
Phil and Joann Gulley

Living on Less to Give More


In a new kind of philanthropy, a growing number of people are intentionally living on less to give back more to their favorite causes.
Intern Malik Runnels and Chef Chad Houser
Photograph by Stanton Stephens.

Cafe Momentum Serves Up Opportunity


Chad Houser's Café Momentum serves up a lot more than dinner—it brings opportunity and hope to hundreds of at-risk teens.