Dr. Partha Nandi
Photographs courtesty of Dr. Nandi.

Become Your Own Health Hero


Become your own health hero by moving, embracing mindfulness and making your health and wellness central to your life.
Smiling woman with holiday presents.


Make This Holiday Season Better Than Perfect


According to Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, an all-or-nothing mentality could keep you from enjoying yourself during the holidays. Let go of perfectionism...
Pound fitness helps teen

Sarah Knobloch, right, and Kathy Larkins Moore, a fitness instructor in Nashville, Tennessee.

Pound it Out


Music and movement help one teen recover from a debilitating brain injury.
3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Energy


3 Quick Energy Boosts You Can Use Anytime


Increase your energy naturally by using body intelligence plus these three easy tips.
Hands of women meditating.

The Benefits of Compassion Meditation


Compassion meditation, which focuses on empathy and kindness, could improve our sense of connectedness and even resolve interpersonal conflict.
Little girl in hat and sunglasses on the beach

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9 Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy This Summer


If you really want a happy, healthy summer--one where you can bask in its long days without the kids driving you crazy--try following these nine tips.
Community garden

Green is Good


Can being in nature restore your well-being in just five minutes? Science says "yes."

Did You Spring Forward Into Exhaustion?


By now we’ve all reset our clocks for the start of daylight saving time, but we wish we could hit snooze bars on our internal biological clocks...

And the Happiest State in the Nation Is …


If you guessed Florida, sorry, you’re not even close. California? Not even in the the top 10. Hawaii? You’re getting warmer: The Aloha State is No. 2...